What do you see Nurse??

5 Jul

This poem needs more exposure, a thought we should all spare to those in the twilight of their lives,


Found this poem while on placement, I’ve seen it before and it really hit a nerve then.

After working within the care community and now going through my nursing training, you see so many terrible attitudes towards the elders in our communities. Abuse, neglect and ignorance run riot while people live their lives non-the-wiser. It’s disgusting and things need to change. I say this knowing it will not. With the growing population and advances in medicine, our lives are lasting longer. I dont know that this is a good thing. Personal opinion? I do not want to get to the point where I require the aid of a carer. I’ve done it myself and knowing my luck I’d end up with the pleb who doesn’t know her arse from her elbow and I’d die, alone, soiled, in the dark with pressure sores. An advert to drink, smoke and do all…

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